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NAME: Chelsea Gordon-Ratzlaff

GOALS: To get Not Quite Normal on TV and to become the world's greatest Pokemon trainer.

I LOOOOVE: Rain, TV, sleeping in (but not too late), playing with my dog, camping, having whole conversations using only Simpsons or Futurama quotes, Discworld books, Back to the Future marathons, and Disneyland.

I DON'T LIKE: Thinking of things I don't like.

PROGRAMS I CAN USE: Photoshop CS4, Flash CS4, Premiere CS4, AfterEffects CS4, TVPaint Animation Pro, Toon Boom Animate Pro, Open Canvas, and MS Paint


EMAIL: chelseagordonratzlaff@hotmail.com

LINKEDIN: Chelsea Gordon-Ratzlaff
WEBSITE: notquitenormal.ca
DEVIANTART: Not-Quite-Normal
TWITTER: notquitenormal
BLOGGER: A Not Quite Normal Blog